Suzanne Perkowsky

Co-Founder & Chief Educational Officer

As Co-Founder and Chief Educational Officer at New Nordic School, I am an innovative educator who has set out to change the future of education. I bring over 25 years of instructional and administrative experience in diverse global geographies, spanning 8 different countries, to our concept development. A strong belief in ongoing personal development to keep up with educational innovation via the International Baccalaureate and Finnish educational standards, has led me to UK and Finnish teaching certifications as well as educational leadership certification from Finland. New Nordic School was founded on the belief that education in most part runs on the old industrialised model. Something needs to change, and with a deep understanding of the renowned Finnish educational system, we are creating the change. Currently living in Finland with my husband and 3 boys keeps me flexible, open-minded, empathetic but with a sense of humour.


Future Learning

28 February 2019 | 13:00 - 13:30 | English | Core Competencies - The Future of Education

At New Nordic school we have set out to change the future of education. Current models of education are still based on the old industrialised model of churning out copies of students moulded from the same model. OECD has decided that they are now going to start assessing Competencies as part of their ranking system. Before this announcement was made, we were inspired by the renowned Finnish curriculum to create an educational system that is planned and mentored via the Core Competencies led by mentors that empower students to learn and share their learning in a myriad of ways. We would be honoured to share this innovation with the educational world at GESS 2019.