Susan Koruthu

Director & Principal Practitioner

Sceptre Life Skills & Mind Fitness Centre

Dr. Susan Koruthu, PhD, MSW, MSc Applied Psychology, MBA Life Psychologist & Mind Fitness Expert High profile multinational therapeutic life counsellor Licenced social care professional – CDA, Dubai Approved professional guide – CDA, Dubai CBT, Hypnotherapy, Pranic healing, Yoga & TA expert Corporate wellness expert Executive and leadership skills coach Life Skills & Mental hardiness coach Performance & efficiency expert Fertility therapist & parenting expert Marriage & family fitness expert Private Counsel to teens and parents Career adviser to students and professionals Personal Advisor to business owners, CEOs and leaders Author of books series ‘Right Skills = Right Living’ Speaker - International conferences and research forums GESS Dubai speaker in the year 2018 and 2019 TV and radio personality Designing lives and building strong minds since 1993 She is a client-focused personal transformation coach & mind reprogram expert One among the 1502 authors who entered into the Guinness Book of World records by signing their own book simultaneously at the Sharjah International book fair 2019. The book is ‘Design your life to build a legacy’



Education in action

26 February 2020 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English | Learning Behaviour Modification

How to make a low scoring student to a high scoring one. I would be presenting case studies from our practices. We have proven cases were we helped those students who scored around 20% in the exams to score above 70% within 1 month to 6 months time. The specially developed result-oriented learning enhancement programme is based on various behaviour modification techniques such as metacognition, counselling and cognitive behaviour and emotional therapy.