Susan Carter

Faculty General Studies

With 30 years of teaching and training experience within the industry of education, business and health management in both public and private sectors from the British Government and the United Arab Emirates. I have received recognition for my innovation with blending new mobile technology within a general studies program and as such embracing new ways of teaching and learning. This was recognised by HCT eLearning in Action Conference Redefining Learning; Blending Health and Physical Education with technology and published in HCT Education Technology series. This was accompanied with HCT Faculty Innovative Learning Techniques using Technology. The project was also acknowledged by the Middle East Sports Industry Awards for Best Youth Development Project (iShape Initiative). In 2018 I was a finalist for GESS Innovation in Education Award for my contribution within education.In July 2018 I was successful in becoming an active member of cohort 3 for the MOE Stanford University (San Francisco) Innovation and Entrepreneurship education program a mandatory requirement for student’s graduation.


Virtual Reality Experience

27 February 2019 | 16:30 - 17:00 | English | Plugging Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Investigating and identifying the outcomes of plugging Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies into a ‘Field Trip’ class  lends itself to a wide range of subjects. I chose to introduce into Sustainability bring all the ecosystems into the classroom, no permission slips, walking boots, passports and time difference to interfere with the learning opportunity given during the designated class time.
The lesson needed to be immersive from the start with the use of a 360 camera I captured the introduction giving the student immediate access to the VR and AR world. The students were provided with a VR headset they used their own smart devices enabling them to scanned the QR codes to opened the necessary applications. Finally the questionnaire evaluation of the experience will assist  with further development within VR and AR in the classroom having empathy from the students perspective.