Sultan Althubaiti

PhD Candidate at King Saud University T.Q.M Supervisor,

Ministry of Education

Sultan Saleem Althubaiti known as Sultan Almansouri is a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Methods of Teaching at King Saud University. Also, Sultan is an educational supervisor in Taif city for quality and performance measurement. He is the founder of the Education Magazine in 2018 (an online magazine in Arabic). He wrote three papers related to MOOCs, Education Prizes, and Virtual Classrooms. Moreover, he was a speaker in GESS Dubai 2018 about Gamification in Education.


Innovation Stage

27 February 2020 | 15:00 - 15:30 | 12 Ways to Efficiently Benefit From MOOCs

I will talk about some ways to efficiently benefit from MOOCs. These ways will help to reach your knowledge, and skills gaining from the courses you participate in. These ways like a road map from setting a goal, choosing a course until evaluating the course, and receiving your certificate. Maybe, this paper is the one and the only focused on the participants benefits from MOOCs generally. There are many papers discussed the benefits of MOOCs for companies and employees. They see MOOCs as "Revolution in Education". It's really one of the newest directions over the world called "Open Education". Some of MOOCs are held by great universities such as "edX" by Harvard University and MIT. Coursera has 177 partners from academic institutes with a number of its participants more than 35 million. In Arab world, we have "Rwaq" with over than a million who participated in more than 320 courses. This Distinguished workshop will show simple and practical ways to help all the participants of MOOCs.