Sophie Corcut

Sustainability Manager


Sophie leads Spinneys’ sustainability strategy, planning and reporting, supporting teams to embed sustainability goals and tracking into the organisation, from reducing emissions to educating communities. With a background working for global food retailers and brands including Tesco and P&G, Sophie’s focus is on transitioning the food system towards sustainable development objectives.


Wellbeing Space

17 November 2022 | 11:20 - 11:40 | English | Educating 1 million by 2023 on Healthy and Sustainable Diets with Spinneys' Farm to Table Program

In 2021, Spinneys launched the region’s first comprehensive healthy eating and sustainable food program for children. The fun educational program, called Farm to Table, shows children how food is produced both locally and internationally, and its journey to the dinner table. The program will also encourage healthier, more sustainable diets for children and their families. Research shows that a core part of achieving sustainability is fostering a deeper, more critical connection between people, food and the environment. Spinneys wants communities asking questions about their food and engaging in a dialogue about the future of food sustainability in the UAE. Spinneys will provide an overview of the program, achievements to date and the ways in which schools, families and communities can get involved.