Simon Noakes


Interactive Schools

I am the Founder/CEO at Interactive Schools, a global digital agency creating the best websites for the world’s leading schools. Our Purpose is clear ~ #InspiringSchools to share their story. Interactive Schools fills the intersection between Art and Science. We call this ‘WONDER’. We put users first and craft incredible, immersive experiences that blend creative magic, measurable engagement and tangible impact. We value usefulness, aesthetics and imagination. Decisions are grounded in rational methodology, data insight, and a sprinkling of fairy dust. We are led by humans, and transformed by technology. I host the globally recognised #InspiringSchoolsPodcast. On the podcast, I welcome the world's leading educators to talk about the #FutureOfEducation, #FutureOfWork, innovations in teaching and learning, leadership, technology, curriculum transformation, and much, much more. I am also passionate about provoking #FutureSchool thinking across the globe - bringing a fresh perspective to the conversation, centred around people (and human behaviour). I put technology in its place - as a lever/enabler - not a driver. The goal is always to pose [and answer] the question; "How do we create an education system that is relevant and fit for purpose for our children (and their children)".


Leaders in Education Conference

16 November 2022 | 10:55 - 11:15 | English | Is the Lens of School Marketing Broken?

International private schools continue to sell promise, adopting many filters that shadow authenticity. School Marketers are burnt out managing the ever-growing ubiquity of channels and platforms and force the same (narrow) story (focussing on success) in every channel, at the wrong time, to the wrong audience! Every school has success across academics, arts, sports, science & humanities - but this is not a USP. Unfortunately school marketing is inefficient & continues to buy parent's limited attention through congested paid for online channels. Digital word of mouth & true advocacy cannot be bought, it needs to be earned. Does a successful symphony conductor play every instrument, all the same time, at every concert? No. School Leadership is failing to transform the teaching workforce to own their story (play their instrument in tune) and be truly fit-for-purpose/relevant to the world around us. Simon continues his disruptive" #FutureSchool thinking



17 November, 2022 | 15:15 to 16:00
Education for the Future

This panel will discuss the current structure of education within schools and on-line what will schools look like in the future, including the curriculum and the learning environment how change is happening now.