Siddiqa Sadiq

Facilitator -Digital Learning and Resources, Karachi Grammar School

Siddiqa Sadiq has a track record of successful teaching and education reform and has been teaching learners of elementary for more than a decade. As an effective classroom practitioner with the required behavioral management skills and personal commitment she has ensured that all students succeed and fulfill their academic potential. She considers her herself as a lifelong learner and has a forward-thinking approach to learning and teaching. Ms. Sadiq is a Master’s in Education and Diploma in Computer Science. She is accredited from Cambridge University as a Programme Leader of Professional Development Qualifications in Teaching and Learning with Digital Technologies. She is an active member of the CPD team and during this difficult time where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) had been declared a global pandemic, navigating the disruption it has caused in schools was tough for teachers and educators, she pioneered a professional development of digital technologies and their implementation in the online arena. Presently, she is actively engaged in the development and implementation of activities that are based on brain-compatible learning tools to deal with differentiation in an inclusive environment.  

Wellbeing Space

15 November 2021 | 11:40 - 12:00 | English | Fostering Cooperation and Mutual Respect through Positive Discipline and Restorative Practice

With growing recognition that bullying is a complex phenomenon, influenced by multiple factors, research findings to date have understood factors in bullying/victimization within the individual, family, peer group, school and community. Many schools simply tackle bullying by hosting an anti-bullying assembly or short talks. While that might be a good start, experts agree that an annual research-based program that needs to be comprehensive and touch all the risk factors needs to be worked out by schools. Academic study integrated with discipline programs should support academic excellence. At Karachi Grammar School, Positive and Restorative Discipline curriculum (curtails anti-bullying) consists of methods that involve students in focusing on solutions instead of being recipients of punishments and rewards. Children are taught and exercise well-founded social and emotional skills to solve problems in a more positive manner. A framework for creating ‘A Climate for Learning’!