Sharin Tebo

Middle School Principal, Ignite School

I continually seek out new challenges, professionally and in my personal life. My WHY is "Impact Through Connections" and my core values I aim to balance and practice in both my profession and in my personal life are Faith First, Family Second, Career Third. When I am not investigating, researching, networking or keeping abreast of educational trends, I enjoy an active lifestyle of running, socializing with friends, trying new foods, and traveling the world. A 10-time marathoner, I enjoy working hard to realize my goals and dreams, always setting the bar a little bit higher than I had previously imagined. Had I not stepped away from home base in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I doubt I would have had the opportunities of travel, living abroad, experiencing the challenges and adventures of different cultures and worlds or the desire to take on new educational endeavors in my studies and in my professional work. You just never know where life will take you next!

Skills Development Training

14 November 2021 | 16:05 - 16:50 | English | Balanced Feedback Approach

Ever feel like you have to do it all and comment on everything when visiting a learning environment? Teachers need opportunities to grow, just like our scholars. We aim to provide our educators with feedback that is targeted, timely and specific to help grow their practice. In this session, I will introduce a balanced feedback approach aimed at keeping the main thing the main thing, high leverage practices, when observing teaching and learning.