Shaikhah-Ali AlZeyoudi

Computer Science Teacher, Ministry of Education, Dibba Al Fujairha Secondary School

Academic Qualifications: 

 • Bachelor of Computer Science 2000 

Contributions and achievements: 

  • An assessment that significantly exceeds expectations in the 2012 performance appraisal and the honoring of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid for teachers  
  • An assessment that significantly exceeds expectations by performance 2018 
  • Founder of Innovation Imprint Team 2017 in the school 
  • A certificate of honor from the Education Council in Fujairah 2018 
  • Vex Energy prize 2018 in the national VEX Robot Competition  
  • Received the Distinguished Teacher Medal 2021 in cluster 3-1 

Carrying out several courses and workshops:  

  • Carrying out Innovation Bags Workshop in camp for cluster  students  
  • Carrying out  Brainstorming for innovation projects 2017-2020 for school students 
  • VEX EDR Coach in the National Competitions for Artificial Intelligence, Programing and Robotics 2018-2020 
  • VEX VR code  Coach in the National Virtual Competitions 2021 



Future Transformation Zone

16 November 2021 | 12:55 - 13:15 | Arabic | The experience of implementing an innovation fingerprint at Dibba Al Fujairah Secondary School

Members of the initiative Sheikha Al-Zyoudi - Safwah Marouf -School teachers according to projects annually

Objectives Mechanism and steps for implementing innovative projects:

The most challenges 2016-2018 Among the solutions: Achievements and competitions Future plan:

Evaluation and follow-up:

2016-2017            2017-2018            2018-2019            2019-2020

The number of students on the initiative:              16           13           17           23

Innovations applied:      

3              2              4              1

The number of students in national exhibitions:

3              8              11           3