Shaida Raju

Curriculum Specialist - Acting Head of Education Design

Ministry of Education

Shaida Raju is an experienced education specialist with expertise in areas such as assessment and curriculum development, special needs education, and not limited to professional development. She has devoted herself to the education field for the past 22 years. She is currently serving at the Ministry of Education as the Acting Head of the Education Design Unit (EDU) which is part of the Curriculum sector in the Humanities and Languages Department. She has been actively involved in various education projects in the United Arab Emirates such as the Qassimi Foundation’s Teachers Network and the British Council where she was involved in the Connecting Classrooms programme. During these projects, she has proven to be a progressive and innovative leader by developing student-friendly and contextually relevant educational solutions, especially during her time as a Special Needs Education Assessment Lead Specialist at the national level at the Ministry of Education in the UAE. In 2017, Shaida received the Ministers Award for top performer in her role as a Lead Teacher. Shaida’s aim is to create integrated learning experiences that excites all learners drawing them towards knowledge, agreeing with Leonardo Da Vinci who said: “To develop a complete mind, study the science of art, study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else."


Global Learning

15 November 2022 | 14:10 - 14:30 | English | Tolerance as Pillars of Curriculum Innovation - A workshop on implementing the integrated Ministry of Education's Moral, Social and Culture Programme

The Humanities Integrated Syllabus, driven by the Moral, Social and Cultural Studies curriculum aims to realise the Ministry of Education’s vision of an ‘Innovative education for a knowledge, pioneering and global society’. by developing morally strong individuals, who exhibit the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to make sense of the world around them and thrive as happy, successful and responsible global citizens.