Shady Elkassas

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

My Name is Shady Elkassas from Cairo, Egypt. I work as the academic coordinator in Sharjah American Int. School, Shajrha/United Arab Emirates. As a visionary individual with experience in teaching and administration, and an inherent ability to truly inspire students, I would like to express my pleasure and honor to be a part of FATiH Project Educational Technology Summit. Since my childhood, I have looked forward to a career in teaching, and am committed to maintaining high standards and practices in education of young people. I am well qualified - Masters of Science in Education, Executive Management Diploma, and Bachelor of Science. For the past few years I have been associated with Sharjah American International School. I joined as High School Physics Teacher and am currently handling dual responsibilities as Head of Science Department and Academic Coordinator. With Robotics being of particular interest to me, I led the School Robotics team and helped them win many awards at international events. Awards: 1- Khalifa Award for Innovation in Science Education. 2- UAE World Space Week Educator Award 2016&17. 3- Recipient of The Community Award during the UAE National VEX Robotics Competition. 2016 &17 4- Recipient of The Community Award during the Arab Open Robotics Competition-Sharm El sheikh.-2018


Future Learning

28 February 2019 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English | STEM and Meaningful Education

The presentation highlights the critical role that STEM and PBL play in involving students in a meaningful education. I will reflect on my students' experiences due to their participation in the STEM program in school. Our students participate in many STEM fields such as space, neuroscience, microelectronics, and robotics. Their participation had a great influence not only on their academic achievements but also, built a strong sense of community and social commitment to utilizing their knowledge and skills in serving their community.

GESS Talks Arena

28 February 2019 | 12:45 - 12:55 | English | GESS Bites: Exploring STEM and PBL

There is a growing demand for qualified STEM professionals who are able to solve challenging problems and provide innovative solutions. Such demands are growing exponentially which should encourage educators to prepare our next generation to acquire the 21st-century skills in order to be ready and qualified for STEM fields. The presentation will highlight the different resources of STEM, STEAM, and STREAM that educators can utilize in their classroom. Additionally, it will provide some guidelines to plan for coherent and enjoyable PBL (Project Based Learning) experiences.