Sepideh Samadi

Career Advisor, Lecturer

The British University in Dubai
Sepideh Samadi is a lecturer, Academic and Career Advisor, working in Education Industry for more than 7 years. Her professional teaching, admin and research experience to undergrad Business and Management students and dealing with young generation, persuades her to continue her career advising, and teaching UG students to achieve their goals, and career, personal and professional development plans. 
Sepideh has presented and published several research papers in different journals and conferences in UAE and abroad, and have achieved various certificates and appreciation records. Other than her academic career life, she will be one of the TEDx speakers for the TEDx talk on January 2023. 


16 November, 2022 | 15:50 to 16:40
So … what IS the future of work?

This forward-thinking panel session, chaired by Dr Helen Wright, will challenge the participants to think about what the world of work could and should look like, and how schools need to prepare their students to respond – and shape – this vision. Areas covered will include:

·      What do children and young people really want out of work and life?

·       What are we doing in schools to lead the way?

·       How can we plan in schools for the future of the world of work?