Seema Nambiar

Director, Skanda wellbeing & Skanda yoga Center

Seema Nambiar, founder of Skanda wellbeing and Skanda Yoga Center situated in Dubai, U.A.E,is an educator and a wellbeing professional, certified sound practitioner and Nada yoga practitioner. In the endeavour to explore ancient vedic knowledge and assimilate it to bring balance and harmony of mental and emotional state to reach the higher consciousness in an individual using the ancient proven techniques and thereby spreading the knowledge to the mankind is my motto.


Wellbeing Space

14 November 2021 | 16:35 - 16:55 | English | Ancient Vedic techniques of healing and wellbeing through Nadam (sound)

Sound exists in the form of vibrations which are of varying frequencies. The brain is constantly emitting hundreds of vibrations every second. The more powerful your consciousness is the greater the vibrations emanating from your brain will be.

How to bring the balance and harmony to parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system through the vedic techniques which is proven from the ancient time itself, and thereby creating a balanced mental and emotional state to mankind.