Savita Venkat

Independent Educational Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach and Chief Development officer

Educator for the past 35 years. Principal of Bombay Cambridge International school for 25 years. now chief development officer of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul international schools.set up systems, mission and vision, roles and responsibilities , admissions, recruitment, training, appraisals and student welfare activities. trained teachers and leaders in school systems. is a consultant for new schools to set up their operations systems. is an ambassador for the British Council. Is a core skills trainer for 21st century for the British Council, Is a soft skills trainer and head of the professional development centre affiliated to Cambridge international. Is a TED speaker. Received a number of awards for school leadership and also for school developments.has a passion for education..


Future Leaders

26 February 2019 | 16:00 - 17:00 | English | Changing Environment in Education of Tomorrow for Leaders, Teachers and Learners in Education

What is the education scene today why is it so what is the result of it. what is required? a paradigm change how? identifying the society of tomorrow and what education will be required. transformation in skill sets, attitudes, values and behaviours. what are the skill sets? attitudes? values? and behaviours? How can educational institutions prepare for it? psychological revolution required in education.