Saravanan Sundaramoorthy

Founder and CEO

Edsix BrainLab Private Limited

SARAVANAN SUNDARAMOORTHY - Innovator, Social Entrepreneur,Problem Solver, Technologist A successful IT Professional, Sarav assumed senior leadership roles early in his career and delivered large transformational engagements across the globe with brands such as GE, Cognizant Technology Solutions, SCM Microsystems etc. Along the way, he incubated ventures and managed large teams for P&L of millions of dollars. He has attended marquee courses in program innovation and earned certifications from prestigious organizations such as Project Management Institute, USA and he is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner. In 2007, driven by a desire to Innovate with Impact, Sarav directed his focus to the Edtech sector with a vision to empower future generations with vital skills. After a successful stint with innovation in Math learning, he founded Edsix Brainlab – a Next generation platform for 21st century learning. By enhancing Thinking Skills & Life Skills, Edsix Brainlab seeks to impact & transform lakhs of Students worldwide. That’s the genesis and growth story of an individual with a relentless drive to innovate, create impact and give back to the global community. At his core, Sarav is passionate about generating a positive & far-reaching impact in several walks of life., He incubates ground breaking programs to develop an empathetic society that is responsible towards the environment, emotional skill development, arts, culture & much more.



Innovation Stage

27 February 2020 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English | Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills in Children through game-based puzzles

As the children of today grow up in a world where information is literally at their fingertips, it becomes more important than ever for them to develop the cognitive skills to navigate this new environment. However, today’s children are also much more comfortable with digital learning tools than any cohort before. It’s no wonder that computerized game-based learning tools are entering the education space in a big way. The SkillAngels Cognitive Learning Program from Edsix Brainlab is one such tool that strengthens children’s cognitive skills and helps them understand and analyse problems better. In a trial conducted over one year with over 9400 participating schoolchildren across India, we found that those using the SkillAngels program showed an improvement of roughly 50% in their cognitive skill scores over the course of one year. We believe these skills are transferable and children using the SkillAngels program will also show improved academic performance.