Sarah Rogers


Sarah Rogers Founder, Owner & CEO Early Years Educational Services & Quest Direct BA in Education B Phil, MA in Education. Sarah is an expert in early years, an educationalist with a passion for lifelong learning who believes in giving others the opportunities to learn and to develop their knowledge and skills to deliver high quality learning environments for young children. Originally from the UK, having lived in the UAE for 24 years, Sarah is the founder, owner and CEO of 2 educational training companies based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The two companies, Early Years Educational Services (EYES) established in 2008, and Quest Direct established in 2014, provide training and support for early years and primary school professionals respectively. Sarah leads a team of dedicated educational trainers and consultants to deliver a range of UK educational qualifications and short continue professional development courses for nursery and primary school teachers and support staff. EYES was the first CACHE Centre in the Middle East and remains the largest centre in the UAE. Both companies work with educational partners across the UAE and deliver training in other GCC countries. Sarah and her team work with school partners on school improvement programmes. Sarah is currently undertaking an Educational Doctorate with the University of Reading in the UK. She was pleased to be named as one of the most influential educators in the region by Which School Advisor in 2017.


Leadership stream

26 February 2019 | 12:00 - 12:30 | English | Meeting the Challenges of Leadership

Being an effective leader is not easy. In order to increase your impact as a leader it is vital to engage in conscious working to ensure that your words are congruent with your actions. This session discusses the importance of being aligned with your organisation’s vision in order to be an effective leader and how to promote this vision through all you do and say to all your stakeholders. “You have to be authentic and sincere to succeed’’.

Future Leaders

27 February 2019 | 10:30 - 11:30 | English | Pragmatic Leadership

Being an effective leader is not easy in ever changing contexts. We know that the people that we work with bring their own values and beliefs to the workplace based on their diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This session discusses how to be a pragmatic leader by knowing and adjusting your leadership style to meet the needs of both yourself and the people you are leading in the contexts you find yourself in. We will discuss how to engage in courageous conversations in different situations in order to ensure effective leadership, while still being mindful of the messages that you are sending out and the need to stay aligned to your core values and beliefs.

GESS Talks Arena

28 February 2019 | 14:00 - 15:00 | English | Panel Session

Given the competition in international schools.  How can a curriculum including Performing Arts and Sports offer students resilience in a changing learning environment and ensure they have essential soft skills for the FE/HE and workplace.

Panel session followed by demonstrations from students