Sarah Louise Saiger

Professional Athlete & School Development Manager, Cambridge International

I am a British professional badminton Doubles player. I started playing from the age of 8 years old, representing my state and by the age of 18 representing my country, I have won over 14 national titles. I have represented Great Britain three times in the International Championships, winning a bronze medal in my second appearance. 2012 cut my career short when I stuffed a server injury which resulted in my early retirement from the Great Britain squad. Moving to Dubai three years ago, I was given a unique opportunity to play professional badminton again. Thanks to my sponsors I am surrounded by Dubai's best coaches, physiotherapists and trainers. 11 years ago I was told by surgeons I would never play badminton again, I'm now defying all the odds and I'm back playing professional badminton once again. Aside from my badminton, I am a skilled, enthusiastic, accomplished practitioner and visionary leader in the academic sector with 9 years of teaching and managing experience across Secondary and College sectors. I have held several positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in my current position as School Development Manager. I studied to be a PE teacher, working my way up to become head of PE. Moving to Dubai means I am now able to work with one of the worlds largest exam boards Cambridge International. Developing schools and education around the UAE to enhance the learning for all students.


Leaders in Education Conference

15 November 2021 | 12:50 - 13:10 | English | Bridging the gap between Professional Sport and Education

A motivational speaker (Sports journey) Personal Development (how to reset the mindset of a professional player to a teacher) Leadership and Inspiration (educational journey) Education values (vocational Vs Academic subjects)