Sarah Ledger


Sarah has previously held roles of Deputy Head Teacher for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Assistant Head Teacher, Head of English and brings over 20 years of curriculum, teacher training, leadership development and classroom experience with her. Sarah is passionate in empowering and inspiring teachers and learning facilitators to maximise their performance in order to allow students to exceed their potential. Currently, as Director of Lexonik, a literacy and teacher training company based in the UK, Sarah is best positioned to develop the literacy and learning needs of students and teachers across the globe.


Global Learning

16 November 2021 | 15:10 - 15:30 | English | To Make Great Leaders, We Need Great Learners…Who Love Literacy.

What’s it going to take to create some of the world’s best entrepreneurs, leaders and creators, right in the heart of the UAE? That success is born from a thirst for knowledge, which is found in nurtured understanding of reading and vocabulary. Classroom leaders and educators have a direct link to the future of their scholars, and all of them could improve the outcomes…if only they learnt to read again. So how do we help teachers teach? And how do we ensure today’s young brains really are our most resilient and ‘literacy competent’ yet? This workshop will be a practical exploration of the explicit teaching of vocabulary and reading for any classroom.