Sarah Brannon

Head of Preparatory School, Brighton College Dubai

Having worked in international education for over 30 years, in the UAE, Thailand and Germany and completed my MA in Applied Educational Leadership and Management, I have a passion for looking at creative ways for developing education for our international young people. I am the founding Head of Preparatory School for Brighton College Dubai and I have introduced the IPC into two international schools. After watching how the pupils have flourished whilst using the IPC, I now believe in the inquiry approach, the global perspective, the exciting and relevant topics, and of course the focus on learning. I am keen to work in collaboration with others to develop this.

Skills Development Training

14 November 2021 | 10:30 - 11:15 | English | How the IPC prepares pupils to be leaders of their own future, and with that have the potential to be positive future leaders

How do we show our young people the direction in which to go, or the path in which to tread? The truth is, that this is not actually a feasible or realistic goal for educational settings. Instead, how can we prepare pupils to manage their own future? This is where the importance of the interconnected areas of learning which focus on academic, personal and global attributes, helps pupils to secure their own pathway to the future. The IPC personal learning goals develop the qualities that are needed to not only equip them for the many challenges that life will present them, but also enables them to be proactive and ready to adapt and innovate, in order to prepare for the future. This is an education that asks pupils deeper questions like “What action are you going to take?” Ultimately, I would like to show how, by creating pupils who are resilient, adaptable, ethical, and confident, we will have the potential to nurture Leaders who are thinkers. And the world needs a few more of those.