Sanjay Addicam

CTO Principal Engineer & Visual Retail Intel

Sanjay Addicam is an Intel Principal Engineer and CTO of the visual Retail group. With a focus on video analytics, deep learning and data mining algorithms. He has around 30 pending patents and numerous papers in tier 1 conferences like KDD. He is the author of the book Building Intelligent Systems: utilizing computer vision, data mining and machine learning. His current focus is on intelligent class rooms where analytics can be used to improve the teaching methodology and also how Students perceive information. His group is creating end to end Intelligent class room solutions in China, India and Turkey. The end to end solutions contain attendance tracking, face identification, behavior tracking for both teachers and students. He is also an avid Kaggle competitor.


Innovation Stage

26 February 2019 | 11:00 - 11:30 | English | Classroom Analytics : How Deep Learning Can be Used to Measure Attendance in a Class and How You Can Measure How Effective the Teacher is Presenting a Topic to Students

Modern classrooms need to be able to broadcast content to different devices, Provide analytics on student/teacher behaviors and also render 3d/High definition content. A end to end system which allows you to do all of this will be described in detail.