Sanj Sandhu

Happiness researcher, author & trainer

Art of Brilliance

Born in South Wales to English parents with an Indian origin, Sanj learnt to embrace his uniqueness. Working for two of the biggest consulting firms on the planet, he learnt that happiness is ultimately a choice. Living in London and Dubai, he learnt that perception is reality and dreams do come true. Travelling the world, he learnt that discipline, perspective and contrast are crucial to success. Sanj believes that going through education and employment can and should make a human happier and healthier. He prides himself on keeping it simple and trusting the process. Sanj is currently pursuing a PhD in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing at Swansea University and is a co-author of ‘How to Be a WELL BEING – Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day’ & 'Be YOU-nique - Find Your X-Factor'.


Wellbeing Space

15 November 2022 | 14:30 - 14:50 | English | The Art of Being Brilliant

As change is consistently evolving, the role of educators, especially in the Middle East, takes on a new significance. It’s about helping make sense, joining the dots and finding footholds in the uncertainty. There’s even a new psychological contract in place as entire school communities' expectations have changed, with ‘flexibility’, ‘support’ and ‘trust’ taking the spotlight. Through focusing on the science of human flourishing and emotional intelligence, we will embark on a journey to ensure that you and your school are better equipped to feel refreshed, energised and ready to make the most of new opportunities as they arise.