Samantha Monroe

Junior Education Researcher

Alef Education

Samantha Monroe is a Junior Education Researcher at Alef Education. She holds a master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Special Education from Marist College. While at Harvard, Samantha interned for Educate Lanka and the Center for Global Development, as well as worked with the KHDA in Dubai as a research consultant focused on assisting Students of Determination during COVID-19. She also received a Fulbright grant as an English Teaching Assistant to Malaysia for 2018, where she worked with secondary school students in Kangar, Perlis.


Education Innovations

17 November 2022 | 11:30 - 11:50 | English | AI Applications and Implications in the UAE K12 Public Sector: Industry Experience from Alef Education

Artificial Intelligence and globalization have been driving changes in how we live, what we do, how we interact with one another, and these trends have also been raising questions of what the international education systems should do to prepare children today to take on jobs that will emerge in the future, and to train teachers and school leaders to be ready for future technology trends. Hence, it is important to understand what kind of tasks, skills and human agencies are being replaced or enhanced by AI already within the education system. In this paper, we present a summary of AI applications in the UAE K12 public school sector by Alef Education against the backdrop of the UAE National Strategies for AI 2031 and the UNESCO 2021 summary of global applications of AI in education. Additionally, this paper highlights Alef Education proof-of-concept industry take-aways, some future roadmap additions and long-term implications of AI on human development in education.