Saki Milton is an experienced mathematics educator with more than 20 years in the education industry including adult learning, curriculum writing, coaching, market development, consulting, and most importantly eight years of classroom teaching. Passionate about STEM education, Saki is known for her extensive work in the U.S. by founding The GEMS Camp (Girls interested in Engineering, Mathematics and Science), a non-profit organization whose mission is to build confidence in girls in grades 7-10 in five core areas called the 5 Karat Gems - Academics, Career, Creativity, Leadership, and Service - so that they will be successful in STEM studies and beyond. The organization has served more than 350 girls across Texas since 2010, partnering with major STEM employers such as BP Oil, Pepsico-FritoLay, HESS Corporation, and NASA to name a few. Saki has worked for Pearson Education Middle East as the U.S. Schools Curriculum Manager, delivering educator support to American international schools across the gulf region. Today, she is an independent international educational consultant working on worthwhile edTech and publishing projects globally. Saki holds a B.A. in mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin and an M.B.A. in marketing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. 




Future Learning

27 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | Creating STEM Learning Ecosystems for Girls

Engaging girls in STEM is no small feat. Research tells us the causes why girls opt-out of STEM studies, but no conclusive study has nailed the solution or solutions. One emerging concept is the STEM learning ecosystem (SLE), a practice from the early works of human development research. SLE models include children at the center influenced directly by other people (e.g., family, friends) and settings (e.g., schools, neighborhoods) and indirectly by their environment and culture. The audience will learn about The GEMS Camp program design, rooted SLE research that help bring underrepresented girls into the STEM career pipeline. Practical strategies will be shared with those who are currently or who are interested in working with girls in STEM. This session is ideal for school administrators or teacher leaders. 

Future Learning

28 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | Heard of STEM Paper Bag Challenges?

Paper bag STEM challenges are perfect for teaching the design cycle or process in a simple format for any classroom - at a minimal cost! From primary to secondary, challenges are great for building creative and critical thinking skills in students. In this session, participants will engage in a series of paper bag challenges to help kids develop a love for invention. Each activity can quickly and practically be implemented in the classroom. Participants will receive handouts for creating STEM paper bag challenges and a surprise bag of startup goodies. Come join me for the fun!