Sabina Pecoraro

Head of Learning Technology & Innovation

Horizon International School

Sabina is an enthusiastic, talented and dedicated Technology Specialist with over 18 years of experience in international teaching which ranges from facilitating in the classroom, to the role of Technology Integration Coach, Head of Design & Technology, and more recently the role of Head of Learning Technology & Innovation. One of the key focus areas of her role has allowed her the opportunity to coach staff on the use of and how to seamlessly integrate 21st Century Software Solutions and Technology Tools across the curriculum and implement into the classroom to enhance student performance and learning. The opportunity has also presented adaptation of a new, invigorating and innovative Technology curriculum into the school to organically allow students to continually develop their learning skills holistically.


Immersive Technology Stage

26 February 2020 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | Is there an urgency to provide our students the opportunity the Virtually Relate to their Curriculum' This is the HIS VR Journey

Since introducing VR at Horizon International School, we have holistically built in opportunities to embed VR in to the school curriculum as a tool to not only support teachers deliver their curriculum but also to allow opportunities for our students to engage with their curiosity, imagination and develop a ‘different’ culture for learning. Sabina will showcase and discuss the VR journey the school has undertaken and the amazing results that have transpired for all stakeholders involved.