Rutavija Sawant

ICT Coordinator KS4 & Post 16

ICT and Computer science teacher for more than 16 years. Currently based in Dubai for the last 6 years and working with Pristine Private School as ICT coordinator for KS4 and Post-16. Also associated with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) as an Assessment Specialist and Cambridge Research Qualification (pilot) teacher. A Microsoft Innovative Educator, conducted several training sessions in school to integrate technology in learning. Overseen and mentored student led initiatives and after school clubs like Pristine LaunchX, Technovaganza to name a few. Coached students for robotics and 3D printing projects.


Future Learning

26 February 2019 | 16:00 - 16:30 | English | Entrusting the Baton for Transforming Learning Environment

While most schools have clubs dedicated to different fields of interest, very few have programs specifically dedicated to helping school students practically launch a successful business through trial and error. The “Pristine Launch” club, a student initiative, had activities which guided members through the entrepreneurial process including ideation, team dynamics, market research, prototyping, marketing, finances and pitching. Out of the 6 teams participated, one team became a global finalist (one of 20 teams selected out of a 1000) and was invited to MIT in Boston to pitch. Pristine has had other innovative programs and events which encourage students to apply their knowledge in the real world. One of them is Technovaganza, for which students with expertise in specific skills and talent, mentored other students who were novice in app development, robot designing, documentary production, graphic designing.