Rohita Menon

Head of Dance

Wellington International School

Rohita Menon is currently working as the Head of Dance at GEMS Wellington International School. Her passion for teaching stimulated her to explore ways in which she could introduce dance outside the commercial studio and into classrooms. Keeping the overall outcome of personal change as a scaffold, she believes in relational education. An empathetic approach to failure in the face of learning. Menon studied dance in Australia and has since worked in Asia and the Middle East as a dance specialist. Her international experience and worldview shape the way she manages her classroom and defines the standards she sets among her students. Rohita believes an outstanding educator is someone who is an empathetic creative that sees failure as a resource. An architect of learning that motivates and engages students. Digitally capable, always exploring and flexible with his or her mindset. An internationally-minded, culturally empowered person that believes in lifelong learning. Her aim as an educator is to create dancers and artistic directors that can take a confident stand on dance whether it be technically, creatively or academically. That they may uphold an empathetic, optimistic, generous, and kind outlook in all that they do. 


GESS Talks Active

25 February 2020 | 16:15 - 17:00 | Student Dance Performances

Students from Wellington International School showcase three dance performances:


Performance 1: AQA GCSE Dance Assessment Duet 1: 

A duet set to the stimulus of "an object of stationary". This piece depicts the newfangled friction between long term friends. The object chosen as a stimulus to help narrate her story was "scissors". 


Performance 2: AQA GCSE Dance Assessment Duet 2: 

A semi-narrative piece on the Journey of vulnerability and courage between two life-long friends. This piece highlights the importance of solidarity between friends during times of hardship. Drawing attention to the weariness that sculpts within friendships, especially when weaknesses are exposed.  


Performance 3: Desert Dance Competition Piece: 

A fun-filled dance that highlights the hopeful excitement of starting out the new decade.