Rob Widger

Training Head

Rob has been working at ATLAB for the last 14 months developing the external and internal training programmes for the company. Ongoing he manages the ATLAB STEM Academy Programme supporting team of 14 teachers. His role includes helping the team to develop high quality lessons with hands on activities using ATLAB products. Previously he spent 10 years with LEGO Education as a Master Trainer and before that as the Education manager for LEGO Education Europe. As a Global Master trainer for the LEGO Education Academy he has supported Ministries, Partners, teachers and students from around the world with his experience of implementing LEGO Education products into the classroom. He was also involved heavily in developing the MINDSTORMS EV3 face to face training material writing and delivering over a dozen differentiated workshops across numerous subjects. On top of this he wrote and 'acted' in the eLearning material for EV3. Before LEGO Education he was an ICT consultant for a local authority in the UK supporting over 500 schools with robotics and ICT in general. Rob started his career in the classroom working a several elementary schools around the South East of England. He was one of the first schools in the UK to pilot laptops in the classroom . As an elementary teacher he regularly used LEGO products with his students and could see the importance of bringing hands on child centred activities into the classroom to motivate and inspire students.


Innovation Stage

28 February 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | Integrating STEAM into the Curriculum

A 20 minute presentation demonstrating how facilitators at ATLAB have integrated STEAM into their classrooms throughout Dubai. STEAM is a growing in popularity around the World but how can it be successfully implemented in the school curriculum fully? Participants will see how effective training, good planning and the right resources ignite learning in the classroom for all students. Try a few of the hands on activities we use in the classroom and how these link to the STEAM subjects. Take some away and try them in class for yourselves and see how students are motivated to learn in a fun, engaging way. 

Innovation Stage

01 March 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | Robotics in the Classroom

Robotics in the classroom; What place do they have? Robots can be engaging and motivating for students and provide interest in subjects that didn't exist before but where does Robotics fit in our classrooms today? How can you teach Maths with a Robot? Can Science experiments be more accurate with automation? Why use dataloggers? How can robots support the STEM agenda? And most importantly how does this affect the teacher? These questions will be discussed during this 20 minute presentation and participants will get the opportunity to try some of the Robotics products on the market afterwards at the Atlab stand.