Rob Widger

Global Education Director, Shape Robotics

Rob has over 25 years of experience in Education including teaching, training and product development. Ten years teaching in both primary and secondary phases in two countries and as an ICT adviser where he trained teachers in Hertfordshire. He spent 10 years with LEGO Education as a Master Trainer in their Academy where he supported Ministries, LEGO Partners, teachers and students from around the world with his experience of implementing LEGO Education products into the classroom. He was also involved heavily in developing the MINDSTORMS EV3 face to face training material as well as creating the eLearning material for EV3. He has developed teacher trainer programmes across the GCC region in Robotics as well as managing STEAM programmes in schools. His penultimate position saw him teaching robotics to high school students in Abu Dhabi. Rob currently works for Shape Robotics as their Global Educator Director developing curriculum, training programmes and a new teacher academy. The company produces a fantastic modular robotics system that not only delivers solutions for coding and STEAM subjects but across the whole school. He wants to show teachers how quickly robots can be built therefore getting the most out of curriculum subjects whilst engaging students in a highly motivating way.

Edtech in action

14 November 2021 | 12:20 - 12:40 | English | Robotics is not just for competitions and STEM. It’s for the entire school curriculum!

Modular robotics is a new solution that allows student to build robots in seconds not minutes and hours. This enables many subjects to use robotics as a tool for learning in areas such as maths, art, literacy and coding. Students build quickly, explore concepts and ideas and then pack away in seconds meaning one classroom set can easily move from one class to another. Find out how one company is developing a true classroom-based robotics system using a magnetic system with programming in Blockly and Python.