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Riku Alkio


Riku Alkio, Master of Philosophy, has a long experience in teaching and counselling. He has been involved in many inovative pedagogical projects during the years. He has passion for teaching and social learning. He has been working as a teacher for twenty years in the Kallio Upper Secondary school in Helsinki, Finland. Alkio has been involved in many ICT related projects at the school, at the municipal and national level in co-operation with the National Board of Education. Mr Alkio is the founder and CEO in seppo company, which promotes new ways to motivate students with game based learning and pedagogical use of mobile technology. Seppo is a web-based solution for every teachers to create and share educational games. Seppo combines gamification, team work and pedagogical use of mobile technology. With games you can motivate students and they can even make games by themselves. Mr. Alkio is an author and experienced teacher trainer. He has led teacher training programs and acted as a trainer in several countries. Mr. Alkio is also a popular speaker. He has given presentations in many European countries as well as in the UEA. Mr. Alkio has broad international network of pedagogical experts.


Innovation Stage

26 February 2019 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English | Underachieving Students – How to Help Them?

Many students are underachieving in the traditional classroom settings. There are many different reasons for the problem – some students suffer with learning difficulties as others desire for more challenges. How to help them to reach their full potential? Gamification helps to engage students and make learning more personal. The magic of games creates a reality where new rules apply: students can try and fail in a safe environment. Mobile technology allows gamification to be used easily within and outside the classroom. In the presentation you’ll hear examples how to use informal ways of learning in a formal setting like school.