Raghav Podar


Podar Education

Shouldering a 93 year old legacy: Raghav Podar A fine blend of global thinking &Indian values, Raghav Podaris a path-breaking educationist and a thought leader on constructing optimal learning environments. As Chairman Podar World School, he is at the steering wheel of India’s highly acclaimed Podar Education Group. Hismulti-city, multi-brand schools have presence across geographies. Having studied the education systems of Finland, Singapore, U.K. and U.A.E, he has been vested heavily into upgrading the quality of schooling in India. His trainings, presentations and workshops on aligning digital transformation with 21st century skills are keenly sought across schools, conferences and ministries in Australia, Spain, India, Malaysia, UAE and the U.K. He personally supports the BetiPadao,BetiBachaoYojana as well as Tata Memorial’s Impact Foundation that focuses on children’s cancer treatment for the poor. His contribution to the field of education and society is commendable and he has been bestowed with many awards for his contributions in the field of education and nation building including: · The Bhaskar–Pride of India Award · “Global Achievers Award” by the Indian Ambassador to UAE And · “THE GLORY OF INDIA AWARD” by the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand in 2016.


Future Learning

25 February 2020 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Digital Transformation Trends: Aligning them with 21st Century Skills

There is no doubt that digital transformation is changing the way education is delivered in classrooms across the world today. But more importantly in the pursuit of digitizing education delivery, have we missed the woods for the trees? Are the digital transformation trends of AR, AI, VR etc. aligned with the skills children will need in the 21st century? How do we ensure we are developing the right skills in the children, while riding the digital wave? This presentation explains the above with empirical examples.