Rachael Pryce

Freelancer / Founder

Education Yalla

Rachael Pryce is a highly qualified and experienced Educationalist, with specific interest and passion for promoting and facilitating exciting and engaging learning opportunities for all. She describes her teaching values as the following: “As an experienced and committed educator, I take pride in the diverse whilst inclusive values l hold. Throughout my experiences as a chef, lecturer and teacher of Design, l have constantly strived to ensure that my students (learners) have received the richest and most rewarding experiences within my capability and resources. The opportunity to focus specifically upon STE(A)M led curriculums has once again allowed me to recognise and embrace where there are opportunities to innovate, grow and develop with all stakeholders through an exciting, forward thinking and cohesive vision.” • 6 years working in the UAE • 20+ year working within the Education Sector • Guest speaker at GESS 2017 / 2018 • UN Climate Change Accredited Teacher • Foundations Certification in Design Thinking - IDEO U


Future Leaders

26 February 2020 | 16:30 - 17:30 | The Skills Gap 2020 - 2030

How do you address the growing skills gap between our current education system and organisations? It's no secret that companies are struggling to find the right talent to fill jobs. With rapid technological advancements, workers' skills are becoming obsolete faster than ever before. The world of work is quickly changing, and employees require a lifetime of continuous learning to keep up. Companies are struggling to provide the learning environment needed to tackle the workforce skills gap. 70 % CEOs say their employees don't have the current skills needed to adapt, only 11% execs are confident that college graduates will be prepared for the workforce, and 42 % employees say they are likely to leave their current job because they aren't learning enough. The context for the UAE, more than 28% of the population of the middle east is aged between 15 - 29. This represents over 108 million young people. The largest number of young people transitioning to adulthood in the region's history.