Purshotam Ramchandani



Purshotam Ramchandani (or ‘PR’ for short) is the Founder of OliOli® - a children’s play museum designed to introduce kids aged 2-11 to a new way of play - which engages their minds and bodies in an immersive and inspiring manner. OliOli® has been recognized with multiple awards since its inception 2 years ago including the best edutainment venue in the city.

PR has 15 years of private equity and investment banking experience, and started his career working with Lehman Brothers in New York.

PR graduated with distinction (top 2% of his class) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he received the Harold Kubly Award for outstanding academic breadth and achievement, the Erwin Gaumnitz scholarship for academic excellence, and the University Bookstore Grant for the best undergraduate research paper from the School of Business and the School of Economics.


26 February, 2020 | 14:00
Children can only aspire to what they know exists. Building a creative approach to social mobility

Dr Graus’s talk will focus on KidZania’s global education strategy, including its local implementation and evaluations leading to a Global Barometer of Children’s Aspirations.

He will outline how KidZania’s approach to education is leading to enhanced life chances for children, through purposeful and innovative ways of engaging with the private sector, an evidence-based voice in the world of education, as well as a socially responsible approach to partnerships:
return on involvement instead of return on investment.