Prof. Paul W. Poteete

Associate Professor

Geneva College

Professor Paul W. Poteete, Ph.D. has over 25 years leading organizations in cybersecurity, sociotechnical systems, technology innovation, design, and strategy. He has worked as a CEO, CISO, and Director of IT in several organizations spanning financial, military, retail, and technological industries. He has taught at more than six universities and colleges from Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, and Abu Dhabi. He holds degrees and certificates from the University of Pretoria, the United States Naval Postgraduate School, and several other schools and institutions. He has been interviewed by KITV in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Paul Brislen Technology Podcast in New Zealand, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and at over three dozen other conferences around the world. He is honored to have the privilege of helping thousands of individuals, and several organizations, around the globe achieve their personal and professional goals.


Growth Mindset

15 November 2022 | 12:00 - 12:20 | English | Management Strategies for Artists and Educators

What can we learn from corporate management for leading and motivating artistic and academic talent? This presentation uncovers fundamental leadership strategies, while providing specific examples for real-world application for leaders of educational institutions. Corporations have struggled for years to both increase employee satisfaction and increase organisational performance. Corporate experiences will be leveraged to generate an actionable plan for motivating and retaining the best academic and artistic talent in any organisation. Specific examples of what behaviours and functions that may need to change will be discussed from a management and employee point of view. Each attendee should leave with a plan of how to make positive changes in their organisation and grow in professional management practices for the future.