Prof. Nayyaf R. Aljabri

Director General of Research and Data

Education and Training Evaluation Commission

Professor Nayyaf Aljabri is currently the Director General of Research and Data at the Education and Training Evaluation Commission. Prior to this, Prof. Aljabri has held several positions including but not limited to: Deputy Minister for Planning and Development at the Ministry of Education, Deputy Minister for Education at the Ministry of Education, Dean of College of Education at Taibah University. Throughout his career life, he had lead roles at many national projects and initiatives mainly on reforming education. He has served as a member of board in ministries and governmental agencies, boards of trustees of universities, and advisory boards of colleges. Prof. Aljabri was granted a Ph.D. in economics of education from the University of Manchester, UK. His research was focused on education economics and policies, with particular emphasis on the applications of quantitative multivariate methods to evaluate effectiveness of educational resources and how to improve performance of learners and educational institutions. He published extensively and participated in many research projects nationwide


Global Learning

15 November 2022 | 14:40 - 15:00 | English///Arabic | The Role of Education Quality in National Economy

There has been consistent evidence that education can bring large economic rewards for individuals and society. Improving the development of human capital in a country can generate an increase in income, drive economic growth, and improve the equality of income distribution. Higher academic achievement translates to higher wages, higher participation in the labor market, and lower unemployment. This paper presents the findings of the empirical study hat is conducted jointly by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission and the World Bank Group. It utilized cross-country panel data to estimate the effect of education quality measured by the World Bank’s indicator known as Harmonized Test Score on two indicators of economic outcomes: GDP growth and youth unemployment rate. It also forecasts the long-run impact of improved education quality on economic outcomes.