Prof. Deborah Eyre

Founder & Chair, High Performance Learning Services

Professor Deborah Eyre: Founder and Chair at High Performance Learning (HPL). A globally respected education leader, academic researcher, writer and influencer with a specialism in the learning sciences and a goal of using cognition to make high student performance the norm in schools. Deborah is a Freeman of the City of London and has an attachment to St Hugh’s College, Oxford University.



Skills Development Training

16 November 2021 | 11:30 - 12:15 | English | Make your school World Class by focusing on the Learning Sciences

We used to think that only a proportion of students could be academically successful - but now we know better. In great schools everyone achieves highly regardless of their background and the students are not ‘test passers’ but well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in life beyond school in an increasing complex world. To get there you need all staff to understand how to create cognitive success and you need a meticulous approach to making it happen. This talk looks at the Learning Science and High Performance Learning (HPL), used by HPL schools internationally to normalise high performance. Developed by Professor Eyre and based on 40 years of research into how the most successful learners think and learn, HPL helps schools develop a positive culture where students are confident and engaged in their learning, staff are enjoying their teaching and where existing teaching and learning approaches are strengthened so that ensure that far more students reach high performance.