Patrick McGrath

Education Technology Specialist

Patrick is currently Education Technology Specialist at Texthelp. A passionate educator, Patrick takes the lead on ensuring our products have a real and meaningful impact on teaching and learning for all. Working with partners and schools around the world, Patrick aims to ensure that Texthelp products achieve their vision of ‘reaching all learners’ by empowering teachers and pupils in personalising their learning through education technology. Patrick has worked with over 3500 schools and colleges and over 500,000 pupils across the UK and Europe building the vision and plan for successful technology integration into the classroom. Embracing multiple platforms, Patrick has designed both practical and curriculum focused programmes from small scale pilots to many of the country's leading 1:1 programmes. By supporting the wider school vision, scaffolding teachers and empowering pupils, his particular specialism is in personalised learning for all with a belief in the real impact technology can make when its focus is on learning and teaching. A sought-after keynote speaker, an Apple Education Mentor and Google Certified Educator, Patrick received the UK Digital Leader 100 award in 2016 and is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Ulster (School of Education).


Leadership stream

27 February 2019 | 15:30 - 16:00 | English | A Leadership Guide to Creating Achievement Through Technology

Technology should only be about three things. Teaching. Learning. Outcomes. If it’s not grounded in these, it shouldn’t be considered. It’s the role of the leadership in any school to make this the case. It shouldn’t fall to the ICT manager, or the ‘tech’ champion teacher that every school has. Their input is important - but choices, direction and decisions must be set by the school leadership. In this session, we’ll be exploring how effective leadership is the decisive factor in the success, or failure of any technology programme. We’ll be presenting a framework for success and will illustrate real world examples of the impact of leadership on positive outcomes for pupils, where technology is an integrated part of school planning and provision - not as an aside. Together we’ll create, and show, a practical path forward for leadership to ensure technology investment impacts achievement and attainment - regardless of platform