Omar Murtaza

Teacher of Business & Professional Development Co-ordinator

Omar leads on Professional Development at Dubai English Speaking College, in this role he organises and creates bespoke training programmes, both online and offline for over 300 members of staff.   Omar has been in Dubai since 2017, prior to this he was Assistant Head Teacher in a large academy trust in Nottinghamshire where he was the lead on Teaching & Learning and CPD.  This role involved him working across 2 contracting schools to improve the quality of T&L and pupil progress.  Omar completed his NPQSL in 2017 which focused on the creation of a proactive and reactive CPD programme across a trust .  Omar is passionate about staff development and the impact that this has on wellbeing, pupil progress, staff retention and job satisfaction. 


Leadership stream

27 February 2019 | 16:30 - 17:00 | English | How to Create an Effective and Sustainable Professional Learning Community

In an educational landscape where pressure is mounting around teacher recruitment, retention, student outcomes and quality of teaching, there has never been a more important time to invest in staff development.  But with the climate that we operate in budgets are being cut in all areas across the school, schools across UAE and the rest of the world need to be more budget savvy, long gone are the days of being able to send groups of staff back to the UK for training, more needs to be done in house but still ensure that the quality of delivery is high.

Professional Development is one of the many areas in which DESC has excelled in and become renowned across the UAE for being one of the leading schools for Professional Development of staff.  In this talk we will look at the DESC's ever evolving PD model.  Showing how the College has created a Professional Learning Community which supports every member of staff at all stages in their career, to achieve their career goals. The talk will focus on internal Professional Development and how vital/invaluable it is to use the skills of different members of staff across the college to up skill others, we look at the different programmes that have been internally created to support development, enhance Teaching and Learning and improve student outcomes.  There will also be a look into the future of Professional Development in schools as technology plays a bigger role.