Olivia Leary


Bedrock Learning

After completing my PGCE at Goldsmiths, I became an English teacher in an outstanding academy in Hackney, London. I took on leading Key Stage 3 whilst also working towards an MA in Teaching from the Institute of Education, during which I focused on provision for EAL students and the role of oracy in the classroom. In 2014, I took on the role of Head of English for an International school in Vietnam for 2 years, before returning to the UK to head up the curriculum development team at Bedrock Learning. Bedrock is an online programme designed to narrow the language gap between different groups of students and I now oversee all of the innovative and exciting features that Bedrock schools benefit from! 



Future Learning

25 February 2020 | 11:00 - 11:30 | Why every school needs a vocabulary curriculum - and how to build one!

If, as research suggests, the distance between the language rich and language poor grows incrementally day by day, surely an effective school would be one that meaningfully tries to bridge that gap. Planning how our students, all of our students, are going to learn new vocabulary seems like a good place to start. In this presentation, Aaron Leary will take teachers through the research behind the word gap and suggest strategies that teachers can take to teach vocabulary more effectively. Aaron will also offer his top tips on designing and implementing a successful whole school vocabulary curriculum and on how to transform your school into a place where language really matters.