Oladimeji Obimakinde


Dreamhive Limited

OLADIMEJI OBIMAKINDE,FOUNDER & CEO, EDUCATION FUTURIST Dreamhive Limited. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for identifying gaps in the systems, businesses and day to day living in the society, proffering solutions to solve them driven by pleasure in creating value for and from the processes. Oladimeji is a qualified architect with a lot of passion and amazing zeal for unlocking possibilities and values particularly in the learning and development space in the bid to tackle the widening skill gaps in Nigeria and other African Nations through tailored and innovative ways irrespective of the social or economic status of the stakeholders, Oladimeji is working on various initiatives including some with Nigeria Museum Authority to create Educational experiences for Nigerians with keen interest in archaeological preservation, one of which is the “Bringing Museums to your School” Program. Oladimeji calls himself a student of life and a continuous learner helping startups and young entrepreneurs to set up the ecosystems around communities nurturing innovation and creativity. 


Immersive Technology Stage

27 February 2020 | 10:30 - 11:00 | Immersive Learning bridging the gap between institutions and industries

Due to the advent in technology, the changing needs in various industries and the fact that there seems to be a disconnect in what institutions are grooming students with, industries have in turn suffered from inadequate skilled labour.  Meanwhile institutions are priding themselves in the number of graduates they churn out.   To this effect there are shortcomings in the academic system as they fail to equip their graduates with skills and readiness to adapt to the work environment and industries constant changing demands.  Immersive learning offers lower cost and cuts down the time required to teach the necessary knowledge in order to bridge the skill gap between the learning grounds and the market place.   It will address the gap between graduate’s ability and employers expectations of an organisation.