Noshaba Anbreen

PGCE Science Lecturer

Following a successful career in 11-19 teaching within the UK and Internationally where she has held academic and pastoral leadership roles, Noshaba Anbreen is a Science ITE lecturer at the University of Birmingham Dubai. As PGCE Science Lead, Noshaba supports prospective Science teachers in critically exploring the relationship between pedagogy, policy and practice across the Science disciplines. Passionate about recruitment and retention of effective Science teachers internationally and increasing the quality of Science Teacher Training, Noshaba is currently carrying out research into Science this area as part of her PhD.


Education in action

25 February 2020 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Real-Life Experiments and Virtual Enhancements

Practical science encompasses a range of activities that can be enhanced through the use of digital technologies both inside and outside the classroom. However as digital technologies are rapidly evolving, do all teachers have access to evidence about what works and training in the use of technologies before they can implement them in their science lessons? Digital technologies can provide access to a wide range of data that may not be as easy to collect within school science lessons, to supplement data collection by students. This practical workshop will provide examples of virtual environments and simulated experiments which demonstrate how technology can enhance learning and have a positive role to play in science education. The research-led discussion will extend to how these should not be used to replace a good quality, hands-on practical. 

Leadership stream

26 February 2020 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Good Practical Science: The Importance of a Practical Science Policy

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Good Practical Science (2017) report identified what schools should in order to achieve good standards of practical science. One of their key recommendations is that all schools should have a policy document explaining the purposes, outcomes and methods of using practical science. The process of producing the policy is as important as the policy itself! Using reflections from school pupils, ITE students, as well as early career and experienced Science teachers, this workshop will stimulate reflection on current practice in teaching practical science and help identify some of the challenges experienced. The session will culminate in discussion of existing case studies of Practical Science Policies (PSP) from Science departments and sample resources. The session will provide starting points for Science practitioners to work towards greater consistency and effectiveness in teaching practical science through creation of your own 'PSP'