Nitin S. Komawar

Director, Co-Founder & CEO

Grok Learning Private Limited

Mr. Nitin S. Komawar has more than 25 years of global experience in the technology  industry. He has co-founded and managed five innovative technology companies in Silicon Valley USA & India.

  • He launched one of the first commercial Java product in the world for Data Analytics in 1999 which was successfully acquired. 
  • Launched an innovative B2B hosted transaction platform in 2002 which was acquired by BEA(Oracle). 
  • Launched one of the first IoT companies in the world in 2007 which was successfully acquired. 
  • Worked with many fortune 500 customers  
  • As an investor and mentor, he has incubated 6 tech companies in the area of Real Estate Data Tech, IoT, Digital Art, Education, Music, Data Science & AI in India & USA 
  • He has successfully raised  equity capital from Venture funds and PE funds for various companies 
  • He has been a KeyNote speaker at various prestigious industry events and gatherings 
  • He has participated as a member of the standards committee. 



Global Learning

16 November 2022 | 11:45 - 12:45 | English | Edtech By and For Digital Natives – Engaging, Enabling, Empowering

Digitisation is here to stay but the demand and need for offline education is equally robust and relevant and in fact, has grown stronger post the pandemic. However, inroads by Technology in the educational process have been deep, diverse and long-lasting. The question that confronts educationists is no more ‘Why tech, but what and how much of tech?’ The ideal hybrid is continually in the making and is totally contextual and domain specific.

Session will cover:

EdTech’s existential dilemma - More Tech or more ED?

EdTech: Complementary or supplementary?

Engagement - Is it EdTech’s raison d’être?

Digital Native Students: Role & Skill demanded from our educators?