Nicole El Sayegh

Occupational therapist / Trainer

Experienced Therapist & Certified Trainer with hands on experience and history of working in the educational field and the SEN industry. Currently practicing in the Middle East region and based in Abu Dhabi at Wonderful Minds for Rehabilitation & Training with a trilingual approach. Holding dual Master degrees in Education focused in School management & another Master in Psychomotor Therapy both from Saint Joseph University of Beirut. Involved in educational program development and project design and management, with a wide experience in Early Years Institution Management. Specialized in Family Guidance and Training. Conducted a research on the e-learning challenges under a thesis framework presented in June 2021 in light of the recent pandemic and changes in the methods used.



Future Transformation Zone

15 November 2021 | 12:20 - 12:40 | Who said motor skills can’t be enhanced in an e-learning setting?

Online learning is here to stay! Teachers, parents & therapists are in continuous search for online learning tools to transmit proper educational content. Fine & gross motor skills were one of the most challenging domains to target online. Many barriers obstructed schools, teachers & therapists from covering this area, required mostly for daily living & writing skills. Parents expressed their need for guidance to stimulate their children motor’s skills. In collaboration with Raymond Education a leader provider of Educational Resources, a break-through solution will be presented during the session, put together for online learning of children aged 3 to 6 years & individual tutoring. Developed by specialists, it is built to make the stimulation of the motor skills effective during e-learning with no/minimal assistance. Allowing the child to manipulate resources independently, teachers to target specific objectives & therapists to animate online sessions without further preparations.