Nicholas Finnemore

Founder & Director, Finnemore Consulting Ltd

I have worked in the Edtech market for over 20 years, initially working with Capita SIMS, where I headed up the Product Management team across Schools, Further and Higher Education. At this time I identified that Management Information Systems (MIS) could be more than what they are today and could provide so much more insight for establishments and government departments of education. More recently I founded Finnemore Consulting to support businesses to future proof themselves, either through understanding their true value proposition and looking to the future and how technology can enhance their users experience of the business. Also, as an expert in the MIS market, I work with multiple suppliers and governments (i.e The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to understand what the next generation of MIS should be.



Future Transformation Zone

14 November 2021 | 14:40 - 15:00 | English | Are you and your Edtech partners ready for the next generation of technology?

Learning establishments and governments need to push suppliers to make the most of the latest technology as other industries are doing! In some ways technology is moving faster than education is taking this great enabler onboard. Data is the next big thing and this can deliver so many insights for Teachers, Head teachers, Parents and everyone who has an interest in learners progress. To support the increase in demand for individual learning, in a world where anytime anywhere learning will become more and more important, everyone needs to expect more and drive more demand for these latest technologies.