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Transform your School Theatre!

Press Release, March 2017 - Seating specialist Audience Systems are bringing something brand new to GESS. Already well known for its high quality, durable retractable seating, the company marks its return to the theatre seating market with ICON, one of the most adaptable and comfortable theatre chairs on the market.

At an accessible price point making it perfect for schools and universities, ICON nevertheless has luxurious touches. It includes a backrest contoured for comfort and support, and a clever soft close mechanism. It is designed to be very customisable, allowing designers to adapt it for both contemporary and traditional environments.

ICON has just been installed in the UK at a leading regional theatre, the Wolverhampton Grand, and is now being shown for the first time in the Middle East at GESS.

Why not take the weight off your feet for a few minutes by trying out ICON on stand V40. There are plenty of other seating options to try too - including a range of chairs suitable for use on retractable platforms.