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UAE has education vision for 22nd century: Jameela Al Muheiri tells WEF

Al Muheiri’s words came during a session, titled, “Bridging the Skills Gap in Education,” organised by the World Economic Forum, WEF, in Geneva, Switzerland.

“The UAE Government has an advanced approach that is consistent with future requirements. Ministers of advanced science, artificial intelligence and advanced skills are working as one team, to create integrated plans and equip future generations with the required skills,” she said.

“Our present goal of filling the skills gap focusses on honing new skills and developing the capacities and advanced skills of the current workforce, as a top national priority. There is also a need to align learning outcomes with job market expectations,” she added.

Al Muheiri further added that the government has taken pro-active steps to restructure the learning system, to diversify talent and meet future job market demands.

“We have a vision of an education system that provides students with the required skills for the 22nd century, and we will foster and mentor our students, who have exceptional characteristics, to become global citizens with high morals, without compromising their national identity,” she stressed.

The meetings of the WEF in Davos were held between 23rd and 26th January, 2018, under the theme, “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”

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