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Student of determination inspires other youngsters

A visually-impaired media student is pursuing his dream career of becoming a radio presenter, all thanks to medical and mental support from Zayed University.

Emirati Omar Abdullah Al Hashimi is a second-year-student of Communication and Media Sciences at the university and receives medical, mental and physical support from their Department of Student Accessibility Services, which helps him to enjoy education despite his visual condition.

"I always dreamt of becoming a radio station host, and be able to guide people with determination on the latest activities and events they can confidently attend. After all, we are part of the society," said Al Hashimi. "With the university's support, I'm pursuing my desired career."

He added that the university provides great support to him and other people of determination, helping them achieve their dreams by getting good qualifications in their desired careers.

Al Hashimi had represented the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) department at the higher education and career exhibition, Najah Abu Dhabi, on October 25-27. He spoke to high school students of determination about his experiences at the university. "They treat me as a group member; I'm never left out or mistreated. High school was a complete nightmare when compared to life here," he said.

Fatma Al Qasimi, director of SAS, said: "We push students with determination to believe in themselves; we highlight examples of peers that achieved excellence and serve at different government entities across the UAE. "We provide them with equal growth opportunities by offering them state-of-the-art educational and recreational facilities that enhance their academic, personal, and professional development."

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