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Repton School Dubai celebrates 10 years of educational excellence

Repton School Dubai, part of Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EKI) and a partner school of the renowned Repton School in the United Kingdom, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, marking a decade of excellence in education. Repton School Dubai, which is rated as an Outstanding School by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), has created a vibrant environment for pupils since its inception in offering an acclaimed international school education based on the UK curriculum while being a pioneer in offering a boarding school facility in the UAE.

From an academic standpoint, Repton School has consistently managed to achieve exceptional results. The school recently had its best ever results, with 29% of all pupils achieving the top A* grade and 58% of pupils securing A*/A grade in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination for 2016-2017. 81.5% of pupils results were graded at B or above, well above the KHDA‘s benchmark of 75% for outstanding attainment. Moreover, the school also had outstanding IB results this summer, with an average student points score of 35. 35 points equates to A*AA at A level, enabling students to enter world class universities.

As a provider of quality education, Repton School wishes to support access to as many pupils as possible who would benefit from the education offered. In response to the current economic pressure on parents, the Governors have received KHDA approval to reduce fees in the Senior School by an average of 10% with the fee reduction effective from the 2018/19 Academic Year. Repton School has also decided to implement a freeze on Junior School fees for the next academic year.

In line with its 10th Anniversary milestone, Repton Dubai is also launching 10 Scholarships for pupils whereby these individuals will be offered a 10 % discount in annual school fees. These Scholarships will be awarded to independent, creative thinkers with broad intellectual interests with three Scholarships across Year 5, two Scholarships across Year 6, three Scholarships across Year 7 and two Scholarships across Year 8.

According to David Cook, Headmaster, Repton School Dubai, “The 10 year milestone of Repton Dubai is a proud moment for us as we reflect on the journey of the school in empowering our pupils by harnessing their inherent potential while being guided by our pastoral care focus.   Repton Dubai today also enjoys a great reputation due to our strong academics, excellent facilities and our multi-cultural pupil ethos. During these 10 years, we have also been actively contributing to uplifting the standard of education in the UAE by supporting the KHDA and the community in line with the UAE National Agenda targets. We will continue to work on expanding our focus on world class education beyond the classroom and academic results by giving our pupils opportunities to build their character and really flourish as individuals.”

Mr. Cook added, “I am also delighted to announce the launch of the Repton Dubai Scholarships on this occasion through which we hope to reward pupils who demonstrate outstanding ability and effort in Academics, The Arts, Music and Sports, while enriching our school environment.”

One of the core areas of focus for Repton School has also been to develop the “whole child” so that pupils can reach their full potential, develop independent thinking and take on the challenges, not just across academics, but also aspire to excel in sports, The Arts and Music. In terms of sports, school teams have achieved considerable success in football, netball, rugby and cricket across the years. The school also places considerable emphasis on The Arts and Music with regular concerts, recitals, performances and art exhibitions held throughout the year within the school.

To mark the 10th Anniversary, Repton School Dubai hosted an Open Day on its campus hosting various exhibits and activities for parents and visitors across Art, Music, Design and Technology, English, Drama, Islamic Studies, Science, Humanities, Mathematics in addition to various sporting activities.

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