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New & Exclusive this year at GESS Dubai - Innovation Pods

Make sure you visit our new and exciting Innovation Pods area stand F60, featuring the brightest new companies that have never exhibited at GESS Dubai before. From STEM, to Digital & Interactive Technology, Games and Online/e-learning resources, there’s a range of products to inspire your students.

5-a-day Fitness is the ultimate fun fitness resource for primary schools. Increase daily physical activity with their online 5-minute routines that are designed specifically for projection onto whiteboards. There’s no teacher preparation required. Simply watch, join in, have fun, get fit and learn. With routines designed to energise pupils in the classroom as well as an MFL section in French and Spanish & Time2Chill mindfulness routines. Check them out to get one of their 14 day free trials to our online subscription service as well as a special discounts for GESS delegates.

Clicker 7 is an award-winning literacy tool for Primary and Special Needs. DocsPlus is a new innovative exam-friendly secondary writing tool. The Clicker family provides speaking, listening, reading and writing support on computers, iPads and Chromebooks. DocsPlus is examination-ready. Come and see their products to experience the best literacy software available anywhere and every visitor will be entered into a draw to win free software.

See GCSEPod in action, meet one of the founders and  if you subscribe at GESS, you’ll get £250 vouchers plus extra time free (terms and conditions apply). Currently being used in more than 1,200 schools in 29 countries, with proven impact on progress and results via online GCSE/IGCSE subject knowledge on any device. The innovative features include; Unique ‘Pods’: 3-5 min. focused topic knowledge for 20+ subjects, filtered by exam; auto-generated knowledge gap Boost playlists; and much more.

MarvellousMe is launching in the Middle East at GESS and is looking for trailblazers and partners. It’s a fun and consistent way for your whole school to engage parents in their children's learning, character development, rewards and praise. With an innovative approach, it gives parents positive, personal and learning-led / praise-led news, doesn’t add extra work to staff and gives school leaders control. It’s a great way for your school to engage with parents, with a simple set up and gives parents the information they want.

MegaExams is an evaluation platform that helps teachers automate examinations, creating papers suited to the strengths and weakness of each student quickly. Students can get an in-depth analysis of their performance and improve. Already having made a big impact in India, they are looking for the right partners to expand into the Middle East market.

MyTutor matches school pupils with inspiring tutors who are currently studying at the UK's leading universities in our innovative online lesson space. With all content exclusively online, pupils can access tuition from exceptional tutors regardless of location. Currently working with over 100 schools and universities, visit them to meet the co-founder and find out how the product can enrich your pupils and support your teachers.