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Middlesex University Dubai to host conference on Inclusivity in Higher Education

DUBAI, 12th March, 2018 (WAM) -- Bringing together student support and counselling professionals, Middlesex University Dubai will be hosting a conference on Inclusivity in Higher Education in the UAE on 13th March at the University's Knowledge Park Campus.

The networking event will see discussions around the new Inclusive Policy announced in 2017 by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, KHDA, which will allow people of determination to receive admission in mainstream schools without hassles. The event will also address topics in relations to specific learning difficulties in higher education, mental health issues amongst students and supporting foreign language learning.

Dr. Sean Pavitt, Senior Inspector for Inclusive Education at KHDA, will deliver the key-note address. Dr. Pavitt has been instrumental in developing Dubai's Inclusive Education strategy under the leadership of the Inclusive Education Task force and the Executive Council.

The Foreign Language Learning session will be headed by Dr. Christina Gitsaki, Research Coordinator at the Centre for Educational Innovation, Zayed University and Executive Secretary-General of the International Association of Applied Linguistics. Dr. Christina's areas of expertise are second language acquisition and teaching pedagogy. She is the author, editor, and co-editor of 12 books on language education research.

The Mental Health discussion will be led by Toleen Badawi, Executive Master Coach and NLP Practitioner working at The Human Relations Institute and Clinics Dubai, and adjunct lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University Dubai. Toleen's coaching and mentoring revolve around people with depression, anxiety, bipolarity, life transitioning, self-development and identifying their true purpose in life.

Siobhan McNiff will speak at the discussion on Specific Learning Difficulties. Siobhan is the Learning Support Counselor at Middlesex University Dubai. She is a dyslexia practitioner and an expert study skills tutor with a clear understanding of university-level writing skills and disability support.

"We look forward to hosting professionals of such calibre who will come together to discuss an important issue, such as Inclusivity in Higher Education. As an institution that practices equality in access to learning, we support the initiative and are eager to welcome an open, intellectual dialogue," said Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes, Director of Middlesex University Dubai.

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