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KidZania launches second edition of Brainiac competition

KidZania has launched the second edition of its Brainiac competition for school students, which will run until November 24. Students from over 50 Arabic and English Schools in the UAE are expected to take part in the event.

With 20 students from each school, Brainiac is developed with the support of educational consultants including experts from Hamdan University, who assist in developing content and questions for the competition, with questions being multiple choice from the school curricula as well as physical activity challenges. Brainiac also tests students' presence of mind, and they must be prepared for questions from different subjects at random times, all of which need a quick response.

The competition is open to UAE students in Grades 3-6, and the scores from the different age groups will be added together to give an overall total for each school.

Two schools will compete at a time in a 20-minute round, with 10 questions. The winning school from each round will qualify for the competition. Once a school has qualified, students will compete in further elimination rounds. The grand finale will be held in front of a grand audience at Dubai Ice Rink on November 24.

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